Hello there.

I'm Jason. People usually call me Pitman, Pit, or Pitt, depending. Some days I would consider myself a developer, other days – a designer. Sometimes, a DIYer/plumber/electrician/IT specialist/systems engineer. Most of the time, I'm just trying to solve a set of problems. Sometimes for a client, usually for myself. Either way, I tend to wear the hat that fits for the particular situation in question.

In an attempt to get into the habit of writing on a semi-regular basis, I had originally put up a site on jasonpitman.com. That went fine for awhile, but as with all things - life tends to get in the way. Since I use the handle ff4500 everywhere else online, and this URL was languishing in limbo – I figured that it would make sense to move all the things here (slowly), in more of a digital garden capacity.

It should be noted that I'm trying to take on the philisophy of Stop Giving AF and Start Writing More. In this sense, this site is – and will always likely be – a work in progress. I might put up short notes that make no sense to anyone but me, or post something completely unfinished, but being that this is the nature of the web – instead of trying to put polish on everything before posting it, I'm going to try not to sweat the little things as much. Just because something isn't "finished", doesn't mean that it shouldn't go up. Hopefully, this way, I won't feel like I'm wasting my time working on something that I'll never publish. Not done? So what – it goes up anyway.

So, we'll see how that goes – I'll be adding new things whenever I get the chance.

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